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Here’s what I've been working on

Beading is for instant gratification!

Front stripes hand-dyed. Same on back.  Woven and lined, technically reversible.

FrankenVest: everything went wrong, but its all right!

The detail work is good!

Tunic a complete success!

Guitar strap in progress

Experimenting with woven origami!

Dish towels on the loom.

Earrings woven with wire and jelly yarn.

Will be a focus of 2021

Bright one woven with thrums. Sedate blue.


Handtowel in Bateman Twill

will do more practical weaving in the fall, 2021

Pastel Tunic

Warp and Weft of Tencel

My latest garment: light as air and a dream to wear!

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